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Explore with Chef Kensie

Get Cookin' with Chef Kensie

Explore and get inspired to cook real food again with 9-year-old cooking show Chef Kensie in her whimsical picture book series titled, Kensie Cooks.

Book Two, The Lost Recipe is now available! With just minutes before the show starts Chef Kensie’s tomato sauce recipe is lost and the Director brought his wanna-be star chef son, Grady to the show again. Will Chef Kensie find the recipe in time? Will Grady steal her show?

Book One in the Kensie Cooks series, titled Kensie Cooks, The Pickiest of Pickies has already sold over 20,000 copies! It stars Kensie a chef of a real TV cooking show, her secret ingredient Zesty, and three of the pickiest eaters around. Will she win them over with her cooking skills and charm? Get your copy today!

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Creating A Cover

Watch this short video of Illustrator, Anne creating the cover for, The Lost Recipe! It's soo worth the click!