Kensie Cooks: the Pickiest of Pickies is a fun story about an imaginative young chef with her own cooking show, and secret magical ingredient, Zesty. Kensie’s challenge is to make healthy food appealing for her picky eaters’ panel, the cheese king, the green -eyed jester, and the pink princess. Kensie manages to win over her panel with Zesty’s help, serving Super Salad Kabobs and Pretty Cool Pizza. Recipes for these and more picky-appealing foods are at,, plus the recipe for Pretty Cool Pizza is found at the end of the book. “Kensie Cooks” is spunky and imaginative, with quirky, color cartoon-like illustrations. It will definitely make inroads to the Pickies of all ages, encouraging kids to try new, healthy foods and to experience making foods with their families.

Midwest Book Review - 2013 Midwest Book Review Reviewer's Choice

I ordered Kensie Cooks for my 6 & 7 year old. Before I could introduce the book to them, my 7 year old had it out of it’s packaging and started reading it -she loved it and thought it was funny! This is a great book to introduce new recipes to emerging healthy eaters. I am hoping there will be a series of Kensie Cooks books with other secret ingredients! Zesty was a hit with my kids… I’ll be ordering more to give as birthday presents for my childrens’ friends.

Mom with 2 Kiddos - Mom with 2 Kiddos Review

Kensie Cooks is such a fun book to read with my little girl. Kensie is adorable and Zesty is her funny and very useful buddy. Wish we could all have a Zesty and Kensie in our kitchens to help remind ourselves, and teach our children to eat good food. Kensie Cooks will be a great party favor gift for my daughters birthday party.

Healthy Mom - Healthy Mom Review

“For parents anxious about guiding their kids to healthy eating without sounding preachy, KENSIE COOKS: THE PICKIEST OF PICKIES is the answer to putting the fun into food. KENSIE is a delightful romp featuring young Kensie, whose TV cooking show blends humor with sound nutritional basics, and young readers will be cheering Kensie on against the Pickies Panel. Anne Attinger’s whimsical illustrations bring author Tesha Vann’s entertaining story to life.”

Margo Sorenson, National Milken Educator, Minnesota Book Award YA Fiction Finalist

Author Margo Sorenson - Author of Children's Books

“I love how this books brings kids and parents into the kitchen together and tackles the topic of picky eaters. It is inspirational and it the bedtime story of choice for my daughter and son.”

Amazon Mom - Amazon Mom Review