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Dr. Moore

Congratulations on being a parent or caregiver interested in your child’s diet. It’s easy to give kiddos sugary and processed foods but certainly not healthier. Creating healthy meals for our families can be overwhelming. In an effort to help overcome those picky eaters in your house we’ve partnered with a Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Brie Moore.

Dr. Moore specializes in the treatment of childhood depression, anxiety, and noncompliance. She also helps children, adults, and families make the lifestyle changes necessary to prevent and treat obesity.  “With childhood obesity rising at an alarming rate, it’s no surprise that parents are looking for new ways to encourage their children to adopt healthier habits.  Research has shown that involving your children in the food preparation reduces resistance to trying new foods and can reduce picky eating. By changing your family’s eating habits, you and your child can experience improved health, increased quality of life, and reduced stress.”

As a gift to Kensie Cooks fans, Dr. Moore has put together the 5 P’s for Parents of Pickies to help make meal time less challenging!

Please be sure to contact your personal Pediatrician, Dietician or Child Psyschologist for a specific health and eating plan that matches your child’s needs.

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